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From Emmelshausen you can reach Boppard in 15, Koblenz in 25, Mainz in 45 minutes; Wiesbaden, Köln & Bonn in about 1 hour; Frankfurt a. M. & Trier in about 75 minutes.

Emmelshausen and the whole region Hunsrück offer a vast number of hiking trails and bike paths with astounding panoramic views, ancient castles, quaint mills and numerous possibilities to stop off for some food or drinks.
Unique experiences of nature, delicious wine, gorgeous boat trips on the Rhine or Moselle, culinary surprises or a train ride on the steepest still running rail line of Germany await you.

Start exploring now!

Castles and Castle Ruins

Even in close proximity you can find many castles to visit. One special example is Castle Eltz which is one of the most beautiful castles in all of Germany and has never been conquered or destroyed. Since its construction and until today, it has always been in the possession and care of the Count of Eltz. The castle has an unmatched architecture and is equipped with original furniture from eight centuries. It is located amidst a charming hiking area alongside the award-winning hiking trail „Eltzer Burgpanorama“. More castles or castle ruins close by are the castle Thurant, the castle ruins of the Ehrenburg and the castle Rheinfels in St. Goar.


In 1823 the city of Koblenz gave a rather curious seeming present to the prussian crown prince Friedrich Wilhelm: It gifted the ruins of the medieval castle Stolzenfels to him. The ruins soon turned into a permanent construction site. Until 1847 one of the perhaps most beautiful and significant architectural complexes of the prussian Rhine romanticism: Stolzenfels Palace, south of the gates of Koblenz, far above the western Rhine riverside.

Circular Hiking Paths

Emmelshausen is the perfect starting point for several hiking trails as for example the „Traumschleife Ehrbachklamm“. Twelve magnificent scenic viewpoints and numerous benches to rest and relax on are awaiting you here. The exceptional play of water of the gorge’s creek (Ehrbach), the medieval slate quarry, the waterwheel of the Daubisberger mill and castle Schöneck lie on your way. The circular route gives insight into history, teaches about myths and provides an understanding of the characteristics of fauna, flora and geology.

Rhine and Moselle

Starting in Emmelshausen you can reach many day trip destinations next to the Rhine or Moselle. Along the Rhine are many little cities like Boppard or St. Goar, but also on the Moselle are cute towns as for example Beilstein. Described as the most beautiful and romantic town along the Moselle by many visitors, it becomes apparent by only a short walk through its narrow alleys and around its charming corners why the town has been used as film set for many movies.

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